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25 August 2010, All Bitmap 2.0
A new program made be me (Nobun) is available for public.

AllBmp is able to re-adapt a list of "original" images (*.PCX or *.BMP - can be both RGB or 256-colors) changing them in 256-colors images (PCX or BMP) that are "clones" of "original" images, but using a palette configuration decided by the user (must be save in one of supported formats).

Unluckly, for technical reasons, you cannot find it in the "program" section. However I added the link of allbmp download page at the end of this news. If you want download it go to All Bitmap download page:

14 October 2008, A year after
No, we aren't dead under the blows of economic crisis. We are alive than ever, but after a year without updates someone could doubt about this.
However, now, that I take the control of my life (college is exhausting) I come back with good news: first, I finally finish to catalog all authors of our list, I spent almost a year to do this gren . Second, the most important, all the creations will be checked to correct any link dead ... after one year they are physiological.
So the appointment is for next week, with the site completely updated. Thanks ciao
23 October 2007, Database updated!
After a month and a half of hard work, we are almost up to date on the Database. 358 authors were added to the database by me and orochi yamazaki (thanks Orochi!).
stats are avaliable on the lower part of the hompage.
as I previosly announced, the characters will no longer be hosted by us but only linked, unless specificall requested, Or as for the case of the chars of our Team. from now on, we will try to keep the database updated on a weekly basis.
To keep up with times and provide to you all a better service.
Thanks for your attention, Have fun downloading these chars!